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About Medford for Medford, Oregon and Area

When you want to know Medford, Oregon

Overview of Medford, Oregon, United States

The City of Medford is part of Jackson County located in Oregon, U.S.A. Medford is the county seat of Jackson County. David Loring, a civil engineer working for the Oregon & California Railroad, named the city "Medford" in the 1880s. It was the same name as his hometown in Massachusetts.

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  • Population: 75,675
  • Population Density: 2,910.5mi²
  • Area: 21.7/mi²
  • Latitude: 42.331998
  • Longitude: -122.861874
  • Weather: See Forecast
  • Elevation: 1,382 ft
  • Time Zone: Pacific
  • Language: English
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History of Medford, Oregon

The City of Medford was founded on the Oregon & California Railroad line located near Bear Creek Valley. In 1883, the area was surveyed by J.S. Howard. In January of 1884, J.S. Howard built the first commercial building. On February 6, 1884 the post office opened and this lead to the incorporation of Medford as a city in 1885. The population of Medford increased rapidly for the next years and in 1927 the city became the county seat of Jackson County. During the 1950s, Oregon Pacific Highway was replaced by I-5, which was built adjacent to the city's downtown. Over the past 10 years, the city was part of a significant residential building boom. Downtown Medford now consists of a restored Ginger Rogers Craterian Theatre, new library, dozens of restored buildings, two parking structures, an urban plaza and residential lofts. There are several other projects currently being planned or underway to improve the image of Medford.

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Medford's Demographics

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Medford's Climate

Medford's climate is fairly warm in both summer and winter. Medford is situated between the Cascade Range and the Siskiyou Mountains and therefore does not experience a lot of rain. Summers in Medford are reminiscent of Eastern Oregon, and winters resemble the coast. Medford's summer usually consists of 90 days with temperatures over 90°F (32°C), and other days reaching over 100°F (38°C). The average winter snowfall in Medford only consists of a few inches. However, in the winter of 2007 snowfall of 9 inches/23 centimeters was recorded.

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Education in Medford, Oregon

Medford School District 549c serves the city of Medford. The city has two main high schools, several private high schools, 14 public primary schools and two public middle schools. In addition, Rouge Community College has its campus of seven buildings in downtown Medford. In 2007, the nearby Southern Oregon University collaborated with Rouge on the construction of an eighth building. This building will provide third and fourth year courses to students.

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Transportation around Medford, Oregon

Over 322 Kilometers of roads are within the city's boundaries. Medford is served by the Rouge Valley International- Medford Airport. There are five airlines that handle about sixty daily flights. The Rouge Valley Transportation District is a bus system that has served the greater Medford metro area since 1975. There are six different routes, four of which travel to nearby cities. All routes connect at the Front Street Transfer Station. There are no passenger rails that travel through Medford; however people can board a chartered bus at the Front Street Transfer Station to catch the train in Klamath Falls.

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Tourism and Attractions of Medford

The city of Medford has several places for tourism and attraction. Alba Park is Medford's oldest park located in the city's downtown. The Medford Carnegie Library is a two storey library that was erected in 1911. The Roxy Ann Peak is a 30 million year old dormant volcano. It is situated near the city's east side. A large portion of the Roxy Ann Peak is enclosed by Medford's largest park: Prescott Park. The Vogel Plaza is Medford's centre of activity for local events.

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Geography of Medford, Oregon

Medford is situated halfway between the equator and the North Pole. The city is 27 miles north from California's northern border. Medford has a total area of 21.7 square miles, of which all is land. The nearest coast is 75 miles from Medford, and it is the Pacific Ocean. Other rivers and lakes near by include: Rouge River and Agate Lake. The state's capital, Salem, is located 299 miles from Medford. The city is located in the remains of ancient volcanic flow areas. This is demonstrated by lava formations nearby.

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Medford's Government

The city of Medford has a council-manager form of government. The city is governed by one mayor, eight city council members and one city manager. Medford's current mayor is Gary Hale Wheeler and the city manager is Michael Dyal. Medford is divided into four wards, each with two city council members.

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Medford's Economy and Industry

The health and care industry is what is driving Medford's economy. However, in the past the city's economy was driven by agriculture and timber products. Harry and David Operations Corp., is South Oregon's largest employer as it is also the largest direct market of fruits and food gifts for the country. In addition, Musician's Friend is headquartered in Medford. This is the country's largest direct response retailer of musical instruments and related gear. The city of Medford has become the regional hub for medical services. Over 2000 people are employed by the city's two major medical centers. The city's assisted living and senior services has experienced an increase as Medford has become a retirement destination.

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Medford's Culture and Significant Events

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Sports in Medford, Oregon

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Media of Medford

Medford is served by several television stations, radio stations, and newspapers that provide citizens with the news, weather, entertainment, etc. Medford's television stations include: KOBI (NBC), KSYS (PBS), KTVL (CBS), KDRV (ABC), KMCW (Telemundo), KMVU (FOX, and KFBI (MyNetworkTV). The city's radio stations include: Hank FM 105.1, KBOY FM 95.7, KCNA FM 102.7 and several more. The Mail Tribune is Medford's and Jackson County's official newspaper. There are approximately 37,000 copies of the Mail Tribune in circulation daily.

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